Evans Colorado Art

GR Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a new gallery in Denver, Colorado, which houses the largest collection of Evans art in the country.

Thomas Evans has lived in Europe, South America, Africa and painted in the United States, spraying huge murals in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and New Orleans. Evans brings a kind of virtuosity to his work, meticulously portraying jazz and hip-hop artists and rendering his portraits in breathtaking, surreal life - like details. His new mural shows recently deceased politicians and civil rights activists expertly reviving the wisdom in his eyes. Much of Detours work has been exhibited at the GR Gallery, with the techniques refined through live art shows he has himself performed in Denver and other parts of the country.

Evans plans to bring this participatory aesthetic to the nth degree in a completely new kind of art show, which is a captivating cross-genre. His goal is to reconcile the conceptual and the tangible in the work he began to work on about a year ago.

If you want to play with different sounds, such as the sounds of a piano, guitar or even violin, you will find pressure points and movements - activation of objects mapped to a digital soundbank. Evans is also developing a technique that allows people to touch the screen and play different sounds.

Street art has been no stranger to galleries around the world in recent years, but seeing Evans "work in his studio at the Denver Art Museum is a special kind of electrifying art. On the south wall, strikingly large portraits are painted in a bold, lined style on boards of high-density urea foam, layered on top of each other to create a 3-D shadow box feel. Directly outside the box hangs a wrapped artificial screen, which is printed on the side of the screen and begged. The canvases and prints for Flat Art are shipped rolled up in tubes and can be framed by a frame of the same size, indicating the size of the art.

Evans's painting, which evokes public participation, breaks the hierarchy between artist and viewer, in which the artist is the owner, creator and owner of the work and the viewer is a passive consumer. His work is equally interactive: viewers, whom he calls the audience, can join the painting and play music that echoes through the room in a similar way to his works. There will be a drop box at TallGrass on Mount Evans, where you can leave your heart in the shape of a flat art block. A donation of $4.4 per block is available to pick up your block from Tall Grass or if you would like them to email you and add a brush to it.

All donations will go to Mount Evans Medical Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing care, love and healing to people facing their greatest challenges. We are honored to be part of their mission to heal the minds, bodies and minds of our mountain people when they need our help most.

I had the opportunity to talk to this talented artist about his path into the art of public life and he started painting under the hashtag # spraytheirname. My conversation with the artist revealed that, true to his chosen name, he has taken the next step in his career as an artist. I went to CU Denver to study business administration and make art on the side, but as I later learned, I was moved to make art with a canvas.

When John Lewis died, I felt it was time for me to do something to create a space where people could grieve and really remember who he was. Then I started painting murals, and then my mother had the idea of what she would do if her child died. When I made a mural for a friend who died in Denver, she started to get a lot of questions about what to do for her.

People have really seen that I was different and that really spurred me on to learn street art. They saw how important it was and realised that every time there was something in my face, I noticed something different.

When it comes to being a person who creates new ways to spread a message and influence through their art, artists are enormously important. Street art plays a big role in this, because when it comes to sharing messages, communicating messages and ideas and concepts and sharing what the community looks like, street art can play a big role in that.

So many different ideas and concepts can be embedded in sculptures, paintings, t-shirts, installations, etc. Art is all that needs to be explored in order to find ways to communicate a message or something, even if it is in a different way than before. When an artist is involved, there are many artists who may want to convey a similar message, but they convey it in very different ways.

More About Evans

More About Evans