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I have spoken to Colorado farmers who sell directly to consumers and to others I supply directly, and I have spoken to some of them about what they sell and why.

By 2030, 80 percent of food purchased by public institutions should come from Colorado farmers. This means reshaping distribution channels, communicating with farmers a few hundred miles away, and reversing a trend that has meant that people have no access to institutions that have to pay attention to the pennies rather than the ingredients. Instead of focusing on the results on the side of farmers, the CSU industry must take into account the attributes that consumers want, whether they are organic, sustainable, regional or farm-based. I want to make sure Weld County students get the same quality of food and cooking time as their peers in other parts of Colorado.

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The district, which serves 14,000 meals a day, is working with about a dozen farmers to put more fresh produce on the school lunch menu. There's no filler or other ingredients to make it palatable to kids, "said Jamie Humphrey, a registered nutritionist for the district. Purchasing from the farm means cleaning and cutting the products to be in line with processed and pre-prepared food, which can save time and money. Juice boxes are served every day and we try to limit juice to one lunch a week, Humphreys said.

Ehrlich said that there is a distribution network to make it work, because often you don't need a whole truckload of potatoes, but there are restrictions on how it is shipped. "We have several different companies that behave as if we can buy whole grain crusts directly from them instead of buying them from the farm we want to make them from," Wehri said.

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This is also one of the issues that brought us together at the food summit in Colorado earlier this month. There are many examples of low-cost deals that do not value nutrition and are forgotten while delivering local produce. I appreciate this because I say that low prices often lead to poor quality, poor nutrition and poor food.

The event provided an opportunity to reflect on how the value of locally grown food should be taken into account when buying food from cities, schools and other institutions. The city's food buyers should prioritize the value of good food by approving contracts based on the lowest bid. Switching to a local food system instead of a low-cost contract system saves money and is done to offset an increase in the state minimum wage.

Last year, the state legislature passed a law that would allow Colorado's Department of Education to provide schools and childcare facilities that buy locally produced food with reimbursements that are capped at $500,000 a year for the entire state. If approved, the program would spend about $3.5 million on food each year, according to the Colorado Department of Education. "In high-risk communities, we would have access to better food, and if we spent $875,000 in the fifth year, that $525,000 would grow to spend on food in Colorado by the sixth year," he said. But a Denver County Jail program that sources locally has a catch, because it buys Colorado beef, chickens and produce.

Jablonski pointed out that Coloradans see agriculture as an important part of the state's economic development, not only as a source of food, but also of jobs. Abarca, of Ready Foods, said he only realised the scale of the problem in the food industry when he heard how many other people at the conference had mentioned it. The family business, which employs chefs to make soups and sauces from scratch for restaurants and supermarkets, described the summit as a "very, very, very important event" because it approached it as if it were the agricultural industry. In his research on successful asylum homes, he found that the establishment of such a country is important for the health and well-being of people in high-risk communities and for their families.

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