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For Women's History Month, bring a momentous end to your visit to the Byers-Evans House Museum, which is housed in the former home of Colorado's first governor, Mary Evans Evans Evans. The Colorado Women in History Center, which opened in 2010 in an effort to preserve it, is a space for open dialogue focused on women.

The museum is maintained by the Jefferson County Historical Society, whose temporary exhibitions are sponsored by them. This museum tells the story of Colorado from the perspective of the women of its past, present and future, as well as its future.

The Turner has lobbied for Hickenlooper to nearly double his budget for the Community Museums to $3.2 million, which would also allow for additional staff and programs. It welcomed 4.4 million visitors last year, more than 11 million online visits and has a budget of $41.4 million. McDonalds is a mutual member and is expanding its Fun Science Center to include the Carnegie Museum.

When you visit the Byers - Evans House Museum, you can see many other items that are in the house and date back to the time of restoration. Note, however, that you are only allowed to visit it on a guided tour, so don't be surprised if you visit and see some ghostly residents. Staff even reported seeing whole-body symptoms around them.

The museum, founded in 1900, will surely delight the people of its surroundings, and it also has a planetarium and an Imax theatre. Just a short walk from the Byers - Evans House Museum, a visit is a convenient and fun way to spend a day, especially as it is located right next to the Colorado Museum of Natural History and Science.

Colorado is home to the majestic mountains, which are among the most beautiful in the United States, and also provides a great opportunity to spend a very relaxing day with the wildlife. Colorado is famous for being the site of some of America's most famous wildlife, including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Rocky Mountain National Forest.

It is the highest asphalt road in North America and a landmark of the city of Denver. So look for the road called Mount Evans Scenic Historic Byway and research your own history. When Carter died in 1900, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science was founded, which formed the core of the museum. The building was built by William N. Byers, a member of the Colorado State University Regents Council and the first president of Colorado University, between the Rocky Mountain National Forest and Denver International Airport. It is decorated with original Evans family items and a collection of original photographs and photographs from around the world.

Acquired by the Jefferson County Open Space Department in 1974, the museum was added to the National Register of Historic Places and opened in 1975. The museum houses its collections, archives, research and libraries in a modern museum building with a collection of original photographs, photographs and photographs from around the world.

The museum was founded in 1893 as the Denver Artist's Club and had many houses and settled in a wonderful place in 1971. His humble beginnings were so successful that in 1981 the National Museum of Women in the Arts was founded.

This science, history and technology museum is fun for all ages and is named after one of Colorado's most famous scientists, Dr. Charles Evans. Our next museum adventure takes us to the aviation and the Center for Colorado Women in History, also known as Byers Evans House.

The Byers Evans house was built in 1883 and members of the Evans family lived there until 1981. Evans never married and spent her entire adult life in the house where she died in 1941. Her daughter Mary Anne Patten Evans and her husband moved into the house with their children and grandchildren.

The Byers Evans House was officially donated to the Colorado Historical Society in 1981 along with all of the contents of the house. The house, where Anne lived with her brothers from 1897 to 1941, is now at the center of efforts to restore it and present the history of Denver, Colorado.

For one of the least visited museums in Denver, the Mizel Museum offers a wide selection of exhibitions covering the history of science, technology, technology and art, as well as history and culture. If you have the chance, you should also visit the Colorado Railroad Museum and take time to explore the 40,000 square foot space, filled with interactive exhibits that allow visitors to explore the history and science inside. Anyone interested in learning more about the women named on the tour is invited to visit the Museum of Natural History, which displays some of the most interesting and unique artifacts and artifacts from around the world.

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