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re new to Denver or have lived here most of your life, you have probably heard about at least one of the most popular bars and restaurants in the state of Colorado. Lancer's Lounge is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and has been serving alcoholic beverages to Denver residents for 23 years. Beer lovers, it's no secret that Denver is full of incredible breweries, but Great Divide Brewing Co. manages to stand out from the rest. The arena is home to the Denver Nuggets and also hosts several hockey teams, including the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Stars and San Antonio Spurs, as well as a variety of other sports teams.

The Celebrity Sports Center features a 50-meter pool that includes a full-size basketball court, volleyball court and tennis court, as well as indoor and outdoor areas.

Wheat Ridge ranks fifth in the list of the top ten most popular restaurants in Boulder County, with 1,000 restaurants in total. It also features a full service restaurant and bar, as well as an indoor / outdoor pool, ideal for a date night. Boulder also ranked fourth for the highest number of restaurants with more than 100 restaurants and bars and third for the most restaurants per capita.

Head south to Centennial and take a trip up the hill to Shining Monster mini golf and glow - in - the dark golf courses. Head north to the South Boulder Golf Course and south toward Centennials, where you will enjoy the best views of the Colorado Rockies.

It may not offer as much as Denver's in the arena, but at least Lucky Joe's Sidewalk Saloon is located on the top of the hill, just a few blocks from the Pepsi Center. This is a great place for a late night and a good evening with friends or family.

The Bruz Crew is committed to providing the best beer, wine and food in the Denver area, as well as a great atmosphere. It offers good food, excellent drinks and a wide selection of beer and wine.

Mexican lager-style beers are now in vogue, but Cerveceria Colorado is working with eight breweries in Mexico - including Cocolimon Sour, El Dorado Brewing Company, Puebla Brewing Co. and El Chihuahua Brewing, for its C-Chocolate - to ensure that its designs are a true reflection of this vibrant culture. When Denver Beer Co. opens its new brewery in May 2018, it will try to honor our southern neighbor by using its brews in a variety of beers from Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Round Corner, a burger joint that is located in various locations in Denver and Boulder, including the Cherry Creek North neighborhood, is in the making. Further into the city centre, past Clofax and Spear, we head back to a shop called L & M's on Lipan Street. Throw the axe in the air and you're in the mood for a good old-fashioned burger and a great view of the Denver skyline.

If you loved the Magic Stand, you can now find it in the same location in downtown Denver, just a few blocks away. Chautauqua Park in nearby Boulder is one of Colorado's most famous parks and hosts the largest outdoor amphitheater in the world, the Rocky Mountain Music Hall of Fame. It is actually a large mountain park, which is also home to the Colorado State Fair, Colorado's oldest outdoor sporting event.

If you're looking for a quick day trip that adds to your Denver itinerary, the best hike in Denver is the one-mile hike to the Brainard Lake Recreation Area in Boulder County. It is a popular spot for nature lovers as it is a great way to get around one of Colorado's most scenic areas. If you're looking for outdoor recreation in the Mile High City, check out our list of Colorado activities for some great ways to explore the mountains, mountain trails, hidden hot springs and more.

Although the population is not quite as young as that of nearby Denver, Littleton is considered one of the youngest cities in Colorado, where only 21 percent of residents are between 18 and 34 years old. Grand Junction is also home to Colorado Mesa University, which explains the high number of college students in the city and its proximity to the Denver subway area.

Although we must be honest, Fort Collins has a serious shortage of fast food restaurants to offer its residents (though Restaurant 415 is quite amazing), there are a number of highly rated restaurants and many opportunities to offer them. Greeley has one of the highest rates of restaurants per 100,000 residents in the state and ranks second - behind Denver.

Even if you're on a budget, Denver jam is full of incredible restaurants that offer a versatile mix of cuisine if that's your jam.

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