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Less than an hour's drive from Denver, Colorado, the Mt. Evans Scenic and Historic Byway winds up a spectacular high mountain road. This road is located in Clear Creek County and starts at the summit of Mount Evans and leads over 2,000 miles to the top of Rocky Mountain National Park and ends at a summit on Mount Evans. Our friends from MINE Colorado gave us the following instructions for choosing our weekend camping destination. Close your eyes, throw an arrow, place map of Colorado on bulletin board and follow the instructions.

There is a 14 mile hiking trail to Echo Lake and there are several other hiking trails in the area that are between two and five miles long. To climb Mt. Evans, you should add a drive over the Squaw and Juniper Passes to get a picturesque view of Rocky Mountain National Park from the top of Mount Evans, which you have just climbed. It starts at the top of Mt Evans in Clear Creek County, north of Denver, Colorado, and runs about 14 miles from Echo Lake to the mountain.

Highway 103 follows for about 14 miles south to Echo Lake And then a short hike to the top of Mt. Evans. If you decide to go wilderness walking, have a backpack or meal, or prepare for an upcoming trip, read our guide to backpacking in the wilderness of Rocky Mountain National Park. We'll tell you how to get there and share some of the best tips and tricks for a great trip.

The route was designated as Forest Service Byway by the US Forest Service on July 1, 1993 and designated Colorado's Scenic Byways by the Colorado Department of Transportation. Mount Evans is reached from the wilderness border, which is about 100 km, via Highway 103. For more information about hiking and camping in the area, visit the MountEvans Wilderness AllTrails page. On the Rocky Mountain National Park website you will find a super-dated page for more information about the wilderness area.

You can read more about the road and its construction for the US Forest Service on the Colorado Department of Transportation website.

Summit Lake Park is part of the Denver Mountain Park System, owned by the city and the County of Denver. An easy drive from Denver, this scenic back road offers breathtaking scenery, crosses 3 zones of life and offers stunning views of Summit Lake, the Rocky Mountains and Mt. Evans National Park. Denver is easily accessible from parts of the Front Range and the Rocky Mountains, and is the second largest mountain park in the state of Colorado and the third largest in North America. At just 28 miles, Mount Evans Scenic Byway rises to an impressive 7,000 feet, boasting stunning scenery and plenty of leisure activities to keep visitors busy.

The drive to the summit of Mount Evans will take your breath away in many ways, and there are many scenic views of Summit Lake, the Rocky Mountains and Mt. Evans National Park. The summit of Mount Evans is spectacular with 360 degree views over the Colorado Rockies and you can even see the Denver skyline on a clear day.

The Mount Evans experience can be accessed from the highest asphalt road in North America, and you are invited to be on the road and access it from Summit Lake. This road is the pinnacle of Colorado's hinterland and a great place to visit friends and family if you don't have the time or money to bring them to Colorado's hinterland. The Rocky Mountains, Mt. Evans National Park and the short distance to the summit of Mount Evans are just a few of the attractions on the summit. If you don't have time for a day trip to Denver or visiting your friends or family, you can be sure you invite them on your trip.

From Denver, take Interstate 70 westbound to Idaho Springs and then turn left onto Interstate 35 to start in Evergreen. There is indeed a 28 mile route to Mount Evans that starts at the top of Mt. Evans National Park on the east side of the Rocky Mountains and continues to Colorado 5. This road is more famous than the first paved road from Denver to the mountain, which was completed in the late 19th century, while the side road to Mt. Evans was not completed until the mid-1920s. We did indeed make a detour to Mt. Evans, which ended in the Idaho springs and actually went about 80 miles back to Summit Lake, just a few miles north of Mount.

After a short time on the road, the trail reaches the real hinterland and the Mount Evans wilderness begins to reveal its natural beauty.

As you continue your climb to Mount Evans, you are just past milestone 10 and are rewarded with the scenery while Colorado wildflowers bloom And you look in almost all directions. When you cross the ridge, you will come across the first of several mountain lakes that you will encounter, as it is a day of low atmosphere. You will pass through several of the Chicago Lakes Trail hikes, including Lake Chicago, Lake Michigan and Lake Elkhorn, as well as Great Lakes National Park.

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