Panera Bread Launches Coffee Subscription for $8.99 a Month

Published 02-27-2020

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Getting coffee every day is an expensive habit, but it doesn't have to be. Panera Bread now offers an unlimited coffee subscription - which began testing in select markets last spring - and it costs about the same as what you pay for Netflix.

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For just $8.99 a month, customers at more than 2,100 cafes nationwide will have access to hot drip coffee (light roast, dark roast, hazelnut or decaf), iced coffee and hot tea of any size once every two hours during regular store hours. If you get at least four coffees per month, you'd be getting your money's worth. If you got one every day, that'd work out to 30 cents per 30-day month.

If you don't drink your coffee black, add any of three dairy options - 2%, skim or half and half - or non-dairy almond milk, which is now free of charge. A spokesperson for Panera Bread told The Daily Meal that the company is exploring other milk alternative offerings for the future.

To sign up, head to Panera's website or download the mobile app, register for the chain's free loyalty program and opt in for the unlimited coffee subscription. To get your cup of joe, redeem your "Daily MyPanera+ Coffee" at the register or kiosks when you're in the cafe, online or through the app. Endless coffee for just $8.99 sounds like the best deal ever, and we have a feeling a certain fast casual restaurant is about to gain a caffeinated cult following.

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